A Song from Sean Kilbride

Sean Kilbride lives locally in the Camusterrach township of Applecross. Sean is well known for being a talented musician and a skilled sound engineer. He is integral to any live event in the Community Hall, quietly coordinating our entertainment from the sound desk. He has appeared in innumerable bands that have played in Applecross and beyond including The Monks of Funk with Derek Maclennan and a host of others in this Funk collective and The Coast Road Truckers with his brother Owen that I very much enjoyed performing with a couple of years ago when they played a variety show in the Hall.

More recently I have seen video uploads of his performances with The Final Straws that are fantastic. I was so looking forward to hosting Sean in any of his musical guises on the Applecross Open Mic stage. I am thrilled that he has been in touch to contribute a song of his own, masterfully constructed in a multitake style, to this online edition of the show.

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