A Song from Bronwyn Glover

Bronwyn is a local Applecross girl well known and loved in the community for her impeccable style and beautiful voice. If you have visited Applecross Open Mic before you will have seen that Bronwyn was a regular feature at the live shows last Spring before she went galavanting around the globe. We were all sad to see her go but we have enjoyed seeing and hearing updates from her adventures.

Bronwyn is currently in lockdown in New Zealand, unable to get a flight home due to Corona restrictions on travel. I am sure that her family are anxious to have her home but at least they can be comforted by knowing she is in a safe place and will be well looked after. And via Skype or Zoom or anything like it we are never very far away from each other.

Bronwyn has sent me this video of her singing a cover of ‘A Life That’s Good’, from the TV show ‘Nashville’ that she fell in love with whilst staying in Canada.

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