A Song from Sarah and Kirsten

Sarah McCowan lives locally in the Culduie township of Applecross with her husband and two daughters. Sarah is the founder of the Applecross Gym, recently opened in 2019. She has been conducting Apple X Fit training sessions for a few years now, keeping the community fit and healthy. She has even encouraged/cajoled/bribed/blackmailed a group of Applecrossians into participating in some of the worlds most gruelling extreme races including the mountain ultramarathon Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc and the epic Scottish triathlon CELTMAN!

When she is not running over mountains or swimming in the sea and generally being at once an inspiration and a sore reminder of our inadequacies Sarah enjoys playing the ukulele. She approached me in the Winter to see if we could combine our passions for music and spoken word. The following song, our version of ‘Wayfaring Stranger’, we recorded one stormy Sunday.

Photography by Kirsten Mackie

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