A Song from Suzanne Gillies

Suzanne Gillies lives locally with her partner Isobel in the fairy tale Garden Cottage that lies nestled in the grounds of the Applecross Estate. She was for a time the school teacher at Applecross Primary and she continues to teach piano to the children of the community.

Suzanne tells me that she fell in love with A’Chomraich when she hitchhiked up here twenty six years ago; ‘It is the only place that has ever had a tangible feeling of home for me.’ A sentiment I can relate to.

The following piece ‘Home’ was composed on the piano.

Suzanne has also been composing ‘Snippets’, one a day since July of last year. Some are for piano, some for guitar and some for ukulele. Some are humorous, some more poignant. She has shared a small selection with us. These include ‘Reflecting on Age’, ‘Midges don’t get enough good press’ and ‘One for Boris’.

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