Looking Back : Bronwyn

Bronwyn Glover is a local Applecross girl and a fabulous musician. Her voice is incredibly moving. Each performance form her was outstanding. She became a regular at our Open Mic nights at the Junction from the first show back in April. Her support and enthusiasm for the event was invaluable and much appreciated. We were sorry to see her depart midway through the season to travel in Canada and New Zealand, where I am sure she continues to wow audiences with her talent and emotive renditions of her favourite songs. 

As the season of Open Mic nights has now come to a close I am looking back at some of the material we have gathered throughout the year. Here is a recording of Bronwyn performing ‘Work Song’ by Hozier. You can find more of her music on her Soundcloud stream; www.soundcloud.com/bronwynglover.

Bronwyn playing ‘Work Song’ by Hozier.

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