4th October- Season Finale

Photograph: Derek MacLennan and Bandit enjoying the musical stylings of.

Friday 4th October was our final Open Mic of the season before our gracious venue, The Junction, closes its doors for Winter. 

The nights are indeed drawing in. Dark skies through the iconic upstairs window were backdrop to our performance, where earlier in the year we have witnessed the most dramatic of sunsets. 

We were joined by Derek MacLennan, the Monk of Funk. He is part of a collective of local musicians that play a mix of funk, blues and reggae and have joined us at the Open Mic for a few fabulous jam sessions over the season. 

Derek performed a solo set which was thoroughly enjoyed by a lovely and enthusiastic audience. He and Miss Kiki also performed an improvised set of music and poetry.

One audience member, Mel from Hampshire, was so inspired that he took to the mic to add a couple of his own poems to the evenings line-up. His poems were clearly close to the heart, they were a privilege to listen to. 

It was very gratifying that on our last night someone had the courage to stand up and take part in the Open Mic. Over the Summer we have had a few unexpected delights from visitors to Applecross who have come along to the Junction on a Friday night to enjoy our own special brand of entertainment. A big thanks to them all! 

It was slightly sad to end the night knowing it was our last of the season. Though I was looking forward to a bit of a rest, with the darkening of the days comes a strong desire to hibernate, I am now nostalgic for those Friday night jam sessions and the always enthralling talent of our local musicians. 

After a little rest bite I am sure the craving for creative endeavours will get the better of me! We will not be idle over the Winter so keep an eye out for updates from Applecross Open Mic.

One thought on “4th October- Season Finale

  1. You have a lovely venue and people that work or attend, yes I was inspired to stand up and read my poetry, you made it a fitting last night for my visit to Scotland.


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