16th August : Niamhy

Last night saw the return to the stage of one of our regular contributors to Open Mic Nights at The Junction. The very young and very talented Niamh MacLennan is always a delight to listen to. Her rendition of Amy MacDonald’s Poison Prince gets better with every performance. It is great to see this young artist emerge a little more each time that she appears at the Open Mic.

Last night she had the courage, for which I am so grateful, to perform some of her own music. Accompanied by her father Derek MacLennan she performed Drifter. A fantastic song that shows so much lyrical and musical talent.

Check out the song by following this link; https://www.songcastmusic.com/profiles/Niamhy?fbclid=IwAR2ff9mVridNufTcIUuErNj2OZHxKsCIfG71NQQe6Pz-xk32KliXg8l78uA

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